Upgrade of flotation units

The food processing industry have in many years used dissolved air flotation (DAF) for removal of all the various smaller particles as well as Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) in the waste water. From visiting a number of food processing factories from slaughterhouses to fish processing, as well as vegetables processing plants, we often have noticed older DAF units still in function.

Bio-Aqua has developed a unique system to production of dispersion water (water with micro bubbles). This system substantially simplify the DAF process, and thereby becomes an efficient tool in improvement of the treatment system. Such upgrade always will be an economical “low cost” renovation with a clear result:

  1. Lower energy cost.
  2. Higher removal % (Fat, oil and grease, TSS as well as COD and BOD).
  3. Smaller space required than many older aeration systems.
  4. Simpler operation and maintenance.

Below is a picture from an upgrade carried out at a large Danish Slaughterhouse (Danish Crown). They have 3 DAF units each with a capacity of 40 m3/h. The existing dispersion water system was old and not in good funktion.We changed the dispersion system to our special NIKUNI pumps with our patented injection nozzles.

The implementation resulted in:

  • 20 % lower energy consumption
  • 30 % extra sludge removal
  • Very simple and low maintenance system