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At Bio-Aqua we always offer service on the units we have delivered. We have a very skilled service department that can help with almost everything. Our service department can also help with pilot and rental equipment in case you are testing new solutions. At Bio-Aqua we have a large fleet of equipment available for test (both laboratory and full-scale).

Engineer from TripleNine standing next to Bio-Aqua's fish protein and oil recovery system.

Recovery of fish protein and oil

Bio-Aqua has developed and manufactured a system for recovery of fish protein and oil from unloading water from fishing vessels.

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Treatment of leachate (sigevann – lakvatten)

Bio-Aqua has specialized in designing and building treatment systems for leachate. Hereunder removal of solids, oil and heavy metals.

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Ozonation of cheese brine

Cheese brine will be contaminated by cheese particles, mold, yeast during the cheese production. Bio-Aqua has produced hygienic systems for cleaning and disinfect the brine.

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Recycling of car wash water

Recycling of carwash water is saving costly new water. By combination of physical and biological processes the washing water is cleaned.

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Fish processing

In fish processing industry Bio-Aqua has delivered water treatment units for cleaning the water, but also for reuse of both water and solids.

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Flotation test

Upgrade of flotation units

Existing flotation systems are upgraded to more efficient working units, by using Bio-Aqua dispersion water unit. Often efficiency can be improved by 30 – 45%.

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Super-efficient biogas reactors. Bio-Aqua biogas reactors gives up to 4-5 times biogas yield per cubic meter.

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