Recycling of car wash water

Clean water is a scarce resource because there is an increasing focus on recycling of water. Treatment of washing water from car wash and especially removal of heavy metals, oil and particles is quite demanding. Bio-Aqua has specialized in solving this challenge by using a combination of flocculation followed by biological treatment of the washing. This makes it possible to recycle up to 90% of the treated water.

Bio-Aqua has developed an effective but simple treatment concept called the BIO-ADVANCED SYSTEM, which gives a high degree of recycling of the water. These system has already been installed at a number of danish washing halls (Statoil) but we have also implemented our system at a number of bigger washing plants worldwide. Bio-Aqua offers based on the relevant information to prepare a budget for investing in such a recycling system.

Our BIO-ADVANCED SYSTEM is characterized by strong reductions not only of the standard environmental parameters (COD, BOD, TSS etc.) but especially heavy metals such as: Pb, Cu, Cd and Zn. Our aim is constantly to meet the valid requirements from the environmental authorities. On the last page of this folder, you will find data from one of our installed systems, showing inlet values, effluent values after treatment and the authorities requirements.

We offer also to arrange a service contract ensuring that the plant is constantly maintained and serviced.