Here you can see a number of the solutions and projects we have delivered.

Treatment of leachate (sigevann – lakvatten)

Leachate is all the water that has been in contact with waste stored in a landfill. It arises primarily as rainwater seeps through the landfill body, but also from the moisture inherent to the waste itself. The landfills contains a mixture of materials and no landfills are the same. Some primarily receives waste from an incineration process, some has their own composting plant while others have been closed for years. The water raining down and percolating through the waste is caught in the drainage system and from there goes to a treatment system. The type of landfill and the local regulations will dictate the required water treatment system.

BIO-AQUA has specialized in designing and building treatment systems for leachate. As there are great variations in the water types almost all projects starts with a piloting period. In a strong cooperation between the landfill and BIO-AQUA we install a pilot unit, consisting of an array of technologies e.g. flocculation, flotation, screw press etc. During a testing period the equipment is tuned and if required a technology can be included or excluded. In this way we find the best solution for the specific landfill. In this way both the landfill and BIO-AQUA has reduced the risk of purchasing a new treatment solution. The final solution is either incorporated into an existing building or is installed in an isolated container.

Removal of phenol from wastewater

Due to customer requests, Bio-Aqua initiated working on reduction of phenol from wastewater. Phenol is a bi-product from several industrial processes e.g. in the oil industry. It is normally toxic to microbiology and therefore requires special treatment. It can be oxidized, but during this reduction, other toxic compounds are formed. It therefore requires a high dose of oxidant. We have developed a solution where all oil and particles are removed from the water prior to removal of the phenol, either by application of special bacteria in fixed film reactors or by oxidation. Selection of the best methods depends on the other constituents of the water and the flow. In 2017 Bio-Aqua delivered a solution (8 m3/h) combining particle and oil removal with specialized microbial degradation of the phenol capable of constantly reducing phenol to below critical thresholds (0.5 ppm).

Ozonation of cheese brine

Solution 1

To secure desinfection of cheese brine at a Norwegian diary, BIO-AQUA produced a combined skimmer and ozonation tank for a maximum flow of 80 m3/h. In the skimmer tank ozone as microbubles was injected into the cheese brine applying BIO-AQUAs patented injection nozzles and a Nikuni turbine pump…

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Recycling of car wash water

Unit for truckwash

Clean water is a scarced resource why there is an increasing focus on recycling of water. Treatment of washing water from car wash and especially removal of heavy metals, oil and particles is quite demanding. BIO-AQUA has specialized in solving this challenge by using a combination of flocculation followed by biological treatment of the washing. This makes it possible to recycle up to 90% of the treated water…

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Fish processing industry


BIO-AQUA has extensive knowledge on treatment of water from the fish processing industry. We have constructed a large number of plants for treatment of blood water, filleting water, etc. The individual solutions are based on the feed water parameters and the requirements for the outlet quality. Our system are typically applying  flotation to remove fat and proteins… 

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Upgrade of flotation units

Solution 4

The food processing industry have in many years used dissolved air flotation (DAF) for removal of all the various smaller particles as well as Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) in the waste water. From visiting a number of food processing factories from slaughterhouses to fish processing, as well as vegetables processing plants, we often have noticed older DAF units still in function…

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Bio-Aqua has delivered an array of solutions for biogas plants. The latest is for a biogas plant in Malaysia, that also needed a complete treatment for the water after the biogas reactor. Bio-Aqua delivered several units included a trickling biofilter, flotation units, polymer preparation, aerators etc.

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